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Parent Coordinators
District 75 has placed a part time parent coordinator who is also a part time certified Spanish-speaking teacher at each of the district's three schools to serve as a liaison between the Hispanic community and the district / schools. The parent coordinator provides parent education activities as well as resource materials to Spanish-speaking parents.

School & District Responsibilities
The parent coordinators' school and district responsibilities include:
  • Being available to address concerns and provide assistance at parental drop-in visits during conference hours
  • Collaborating with Parent Teacher Organization members and participating in meetings when necessary
  • Contacting and working with local community agencies as needed
  • Coordinating other school programs, activities, and meetings for parents as directed
  • Making information available to parents about services and resources within the community
  • Making phone calls to Spanish-speaking homes when students are absent and have not called in
  • Providing a support system for Hispanic families
  • Seeking donations for families and schools
  • Serving as a liaison between the Spanish-speaking families and schools
  • Soliciting and encouraging Hispanic parents to volunteer and assisting with buildingwide volunteer efforts when necessary
  • Translating the following as needed:
    • District-level documents, including Saturday Scholars forms, Project Reach forms, and safety brochures
    • Documents for teachers, such as field trip notices and Camp Duncan forms
    • Written school correspondence and school newsletter articles for building principals
  • Utilizing lead bilingual parents to assist with phone calls

Special Education Responsibilities
The responsibilities of the parent coordinators have changed over the years from working primarily with Spanish speaking / English Language Learning (ELL) families to providing support to the schools, administrators, and district in various capacities. Special education responsibilities include:
  • Providing oral / written translations for the school nurse when necessary
  • Providing interpretation support at meetings involving the building social worker as requested
  • Providing written translations for special education forms / letters as requested
  • Translating at meetings and/or parent conferences for non-Spanish speaking teachers
  • Translating during Individual Education Plan (IEP) or case study meetings when a bilingual psychologist or Spanish-speaking teacher is not available

Title III Responsibilities
The parent coordinators' Title III responsibilities include:
  • Administering the W-APT new student screening system during the school year and summer
  • Assisting with organizing, sorting, and returning ACCESS testing materials
  • Assisting with scheduling / testing of English Language Learner (ELL) students on ACCESS, the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT), and other building assessments / screenings
  • Attending the annual statewide Bilingual Parent Summit on a rotating basis with members of the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC)
  • Contacting parents regarding student placement
  • Following mandated procedures and completing required forms for new student testing
  • Hosting informal daytime teas in the building’s resource center several times a year for ELL parents
  • Organizing one bilingual parent education program per building each year
  • Participating in BPAC meetings four times a year
  • Providing a school introduction to new families
  • Reviewing home language surveys

Parent coordinators at each school are funded through:
  • Local / district funding
  • Title III ELL grants
  • Special Education IDEA grants

470 N. Lake St. • Mundelein, IL 60060 • Ph: (847) 949-2705 • Fx: (847) 949-2727