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Bus Rules
Basic Rules
Busing children to school sometimes leads to serious problems, often disciplinary in nature. The safety and lives of the children and driver are at stake. Good behavior on and around the bus is of utmost importance. A bus driver cannot drive carefully if children are not following the District 75 rules for proper conduct. Parents are expected to go over the rules with their children at the beginning of school and throughout the school year.

The five rules posted in District 75 school buses are:
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Obey the driver at all times
  • Respect property
  • Stay seated
  • Use respectful language

Additional Procedures
Additional safety procedures that should be observed include:
  • Avoiding horseplay and respecting the property and privacy of others waiting for the bus
  • Being at the stop 5-10 minutes early and waiting in a safe place away from traffic
  • Boarding or leaving the school bus, walking at least five giant steps from the bus to the shoulder of the road, and waiting until receiving a signal by the driver that it is safe to cross the street
  • Boarding the bus in a single file line without shoving or pushing
  • Not chasing a bus after it has pulled away and is moving, as the driver can't see you
  • Observing a 10-foot danger zone, or five giant steps for children, around the bus on all sides
  • Staying at least 10 feet back from the curb until the bus stops completely

For More Information
Students who cause damage to property will be expected to pay for the damages. For additional information, please contact Blanca Pinedo at (847) 949-2700.

470 N. Lake St. • Mundelein, IL 60060 • Ph: (847) 949-2705 • Fx: (847) 949-2727