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Disciplinary Procedures
Procedural Steps
To keep all bus riders safe, certain disciplinary measures will be enforced for children not following the District 75 rules for proper bus conduct. It is important to remember that all matters pertaining to discipline are dealt with in a consistent, equitable, and flexible manner. The following bus-related disciplinary procedures are outlined below to provide a district-wide expectation.
  1. The first time a student breaks a rule, the driver will warn the student.
  2. The second time a student breaks a rule, the driver will write the student up on a bus disciplinary referral.
  3. All referrals are given to the building principal or designee.

A driver may also move a child’s bus seat or assign a child to a seat if the need arises.

Importance of Consistency & Flexibility
As in all matters pertaining to discipline, two key words are consistency and flexibility. The above steps are outlined in order to have a district-wide, uniform pattern, helping consistency. However, situations do vary, making flexibility just as important.

Gross Misconduct
Gross misconduct on the bus will not be tolerated. There will be no warning for such conduct, which may result in suspension from the bus and notification of the parents, bus driver, and student services coordinator.

Bus Driver's Recommendations
Please recognize that although it is left to the building principal to decide the course of disciplinary action, the bus driver's recommendations will be taken into account. The bus driver is the person who ultimately bears the brunt of any bus accident and must determine what behavior is hazardous.

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