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Mechanics Grove School Town Hall Meeting
Town Hall Meeting 2013

What do you like about MG?

  • Teacher creativity to challenge individual students
  • Student ownership & initiation
  • Good communication with staff
  • Self-confidence in the children
  • School projects in school/home
  • Leadership Day/Skills
  • Science focus (science night during day)
  • Family feel
  • Seven Habits-common expectations & language
  • Staff has a more united feel this second year of merging two schools
  • Dedicated staff-student focus
  • Opportunities for students to get involved (clubs, etc…). Children feel a part of the school
  • Family focused events (Leadership Day, Science Night)
  • Kids feel safe here-Amazing crossing guard
  • Approachable staff
  • Incentivizing-Reading-Setting goals. Same for math w/facts
  • 7 Habits part of kids lives
  • Writing program
  • Staff works hard-really hard
  • Science Night-Leadership Day
  • Choir
  • Talent Show
  • Band Program & Arts
  • Proactive Principal-Kids first
  • Secretaries & Custodians-helpful & cordial

How can we improve MG to meet our community’s needs?

  • Re-teach core areas-math; go back and review
  • More respect to adults; more reminders
  • Student “buddy” when transitioning to new school & visit to other school should be all day (2nd -4th); (6th-8th)
  • Website update
  • Survey needs to be reinstated. Timing with a captive audience (Parent Night?) Key questions to be answered:
    • How do we get you more involved?
    • What are your expectations?
    • What are your hopes/wishes for MG?
    • What do you need from your school?
    • Homework, not busy work. (i.e. vocabulary-if student knows the words, doesn’t need to practice three different ways)
    • Use “Schoolwires” as District website software


Needs Improvement:

  • PTO involvement
  • More volunteers
  • Communication-Information dissemination, District wide
  • District Website
  • MG playground
  • Grant Writer-District level
  • Skilled volunteer under-utilization


470 N. Lake St. • Mundelein, IL 60060 • Ph: (847) 949-2705 • Fx: (847) 949-2727