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Assessments D-I
Developmental Reading Assessment, Second Edition (DRA2) 
The DRA2 is an individual reading assessment designed to assess students’ reading performance in grades K-3 and grades 4-8. The test is available in Spanish. The DRA2 provides teachers with information that helps them determine each student’s independent reading level and identify what the student needs to learn next. The District 75 Literacy Team has recommended this assessment for Project Reach and individual classroom teachers based on available funding. A review of effectiveness based on student data will continue throughout the pilot.

Diagnostic Online Math Assessment (DOMA) 
The DOMA is a web-based assessment that identifies discreet skills, showing the areas where students have demonstrated mastery, as well as corresponding grade-level equivalent scores. The data provides information for instructional planning to meet students’ needs as well as a means to monitor student growth. Because DOMA is a K-8 assessment tool, it provides data for students performing well beyond their grade level. This data will support planning for the differentiated needs students. An evaluation of DOMA's effectiveness will be ongoing throughout this year. DOMA is also available in Spanish.

Illinois Alternate Assessment (IAA) 
The IAA provides a portfolio of work products for special education students who are not ready or unable to successfully take the ISAT. Only a very small number of students are assessed with this alternate process. Student work is evaluated and given one of the four following ratings:
  • Attaining
  • Attempting
  • Emerging
  • Progressing

Illinois Snapshots of Early Literacy (ISEL)
The ISEL are sets of standardized, individually administered measures of early literacy development for students in kindergarten and first grade.They consist of brief measures of performance, which can be used to regularly monitor the development of early literacy skills. The ISEL is given at least twice each year.

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