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Parent Library
The following are highly recommended books for parents and educators. For additional resources, please contact Carl Sandburg Middle School at (847) 949-2707.

Title Author
The Business Travelling Parent Dan Verdick
The Case for Constructivist Classrooms Jacqueline Grennon Brooks and Martin G. Brooks
The Disciplined Mind Howard Gardner
Families that Play Together Stay Together! Cameron and Donna Partow
Great Books for Boys Kathleen Odean
Great Books for Girls Kathleen Odean
Group Processes in the Classroom Richard A. Schmuck and Patricia A. Schmuck
Helping Your Child Handle Stress Katharine C. Kersey, M.D.
Helping Your Child to Learn Math Gordon W. Green Junior, Ph.D.
How to Help Children through a Parent's Serious Illness Kathleen McCue, M.A., C.C.L.S. with Ron Bonn
How to Parent Your "Tweenager" Dr. Mary Manz Simon
Lonely, Sad, and Angry:
A Parent's Guide to Depression in Children and Adolescents
Barbara Ingersoll, Ph.D. and Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.
The Middle School Years Michelle A. Hernández
Parenting a Child with a Learning Disability Cheryle Gerson Tuttle, M.Ed. and Penny Paquette
Parenting Your Teenager David Elkind, Ph.D.
Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem! 99 Easy Things to Do Nancy Krulik
Raising a Thinking Child Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D. with Theresa Foy Digeronimo, M.Ed.
Reducing School Violence through Conflict Resolution David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson
School Savvy Diane Harrington and Laurette Young
The Self-Renewing School Bruce Joyce, James Wolf, and Emily Calhoun
Teaching Your Children Values Linda and Richard Eyre
Teenage Health Care Gail B. Slpa, M.D. and Martha M. Jablow
Teen Tips: A Practical Survival Guide for Parents with Kids 11 to 19 Tom McMahon
The Way to an "A": How to Help Your Child Succeed in School Jan Barrick, M.Ed.
Your Child's Emotional Health: The Middle Years Jack Macguire
Your Public Schools: What You Can Do to Help Them Barbara J. Hansen and Philip English Mackey
Your Ten to Fourteen Year-Old Child Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D., Frances L. Ilg, M.D., and Sidney M. Baker, M.D.

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