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Missed Sandburg's Remote Learning Presentation?

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Sports and Clubs

Will there be any clubs or activities at CSMS?

Yes, there will be activities during the fall at CSMS. We are planning on running cross country, volleyball and basketball camps, and lego robotics.  All clubs will include strict safety protocols.  If other clubs or activities are able to run, we will send out alert emails to the community. Please note, activities will be offered based on guidance from the Illinois Department of Health and Lake County Department of Health. 

How do we learn about athletic/club opportunities?

When a club or activity is starting, we will send out an email through PowerSchool alerting the CSMS community. Club information will also be posted on the Daily Announcements in PowerSchool. Please sign up to receive the announcements through email. Follow the directions on Powerschool to sign up when you log in.

Schedule Changes

My child wanted "computer class" but got Spanish instead.  Can we switch to computer?

If you have any concerns about your schedule, please email Mr. Pilut ( or Mr. Sand (


What is the advanced math class called?  "C/7" for 7th graders?

Sandburg offers 3 levels of math programming at each grade level.  The levels and course names are listed below:


Course Title


Grade Level Math - CC6 Math - Double period of math

Accelerated Math: Big Ten CC 6/7 Math - Double period of math*

Accelerated Math:  C7 - Single period of math*

*Both courses terminate in Algebra at the 8th-grade level


Grade Level Math - CC7 Math - Single Period

Accelerated Math: Big Ten CC 6/7 Math - Double period of math*

Accelerated Math:  C8 - Single period of math*

*Both courses terminate in Algebra at the 8th-grade level


Grade Level Math - CC8 Math - Single period

Accelerated Math:  Algebra - Single period of math

If a student has reading lab, do they not have a related arts class?

Yes, the reading lab will replace a related arts class.  

Is Spanish class available in 6th grade?

No, Spanish is only offered to 7th and 8th graders.

How is band going to be taught?

Grades 6-8 will meet remotely during the regular grade-level band period.  Students will also be invited to receive small group lessons for band in the remote setting. The band staff is working to schedule students for band lessons during the last 20 minutes of the class period.

How do I know if my student is in Spanish Heritage vs Spanish as a second language? 

Heritage Language is taught by Mrs. Quint and Spanish is taught by Ms. Schaefges. The course labels are also on the student schedule.

Are there homeroom teachers?

There will not be homeroom teachers in the fall. If we are able to return to in-person learning, we will consider adding homeroom to our schedule. Tiger Time has replaced homeroom in the remote schedule.

Who are their Tiger Time teachers?

Tiger Time teachers are their fourth-hour teachers.  It will be a 15-minute extension to their fourth period.


What do I do if my child does not have a Chromebook?

Please email

Who do we contact for a broken Chromebook?

Please email

What do we do if the WiFi is down? 

If your child is not able to attend because of an internet issue, please contact the CSMS office (847) 949-2707.

Remote Learning

For the students who have 2 periods of the same subject in a row, will that be synchronous learning for the 2 full periods?

Yes, the teacher will be conducting 20 minutes of real-time (synchronous) instruction and 20 minutes of on-demand (small group or independent) throughout both periods. Teachers do have the flexibility to arrange a time as needed.

Will teachers teach from the classroom?

Teachers will conduct their lessons through Zoom both from the classroom or home office.

What time does the school day end?

The school day ends at 3:40 pm.

What is SAPM?

SPAM is an acronym for Science Application Modules. It is referred to as science technology modules in the presentation. It is a related arts class in 7th and 8th grade focused on engaging students in the engineering and science standards through the Next Generation Science Standards.

If the middle school starts 40 minutes earlier instead of 8:30 with the rest of the schools then all of the district lunch periods would line up and would end at the same time. Was this considered at all? Would it be possible to make this switch at all during remote learning? 

 This was considered by the Sandburg Building Leadership Team and the District Administration. The decision was made to align the school start time and not the end time. As we move through the remote learning schedule, both as a district and school, we may find it necessary to adjust the schedule including the school day start and end times. Any changes will be communicated.

How do we know which days have Tiger Time?

A schedule will be released that will show which dates Tiger Time will take place. The first session will be on August 27.

How will we get into Zoom?

CSMS staff will email their students the Zoom link and post the link in their Google Classroom.

Will students have a similar homework load to in-person?

In trying to be as similar to in-person learning as possible, students should have a similar amount of homework assigned to them.

How are parents being kept up to date regarding assignments?  MHS sent out weekly emails to parents regarding zoom meeting and assignments due, CMS did not.  As we need to be more involved with e-learning, how are we being updated what is due?

Teachers will be posting their Week-at-a-Glance on the Family Hub on the district website by 8 pm every Sunday.

What are the expectations of the teachers?

Teachers are expected to engage students in learning through the remote learning plan developed by District 75. Teachers will be present for the 40 minute period. All staff is expected to hold at least 20 minutes of real-time instruction or interactive, direct instruction with dialogue engaging teachers will be available during the school day to answer questions through email, chat, or phone.

On day 1 at 8:30, do students go to the Hub to login into their Zoom meeting for 1st period or do they go to Google Classroom, or check their email?

Students will receive the link through their email, and it will be posted on Google Classroom. Teachers will be sending email invitations and Google Classroom invites by the end of the day Tuesday, August 25. Instructions for students to join the Google Classroom are listed below. ZOOM links will be found in the student’s period classroom. The ZOOM link will also be posted on the Week at a Glance to support parents if students are unable to locate the link.

To join a Google Classroom, students can:

  • Click on the Classroom app from their Chromebooks
  • Go to
  • Check their emails for invitations from their teachers.

When are the students receiving their textbooks?

We will release a schedule for students to pick up any necessary materials for their classes at the multi-purpose room at Sandburg. If all goes well during the first few days, Sandburg will host the first material pick up on September 2 and 3 from 2-6 pm.

Are students participating in standardized tests during remote learning? What will that look like?

Students will be participating in standardized tests such as STAR. The state testing is currently required, but Sandburg staff do not have information from the state on what the process will look like. 

Special Education

What about IEP students that extra help and support?

Students with an IEP will have individual or small group time with their special education teacher or service provider through ZOOM to provide the therapy required by the IEP. Sandburg staff have time built into their schedule to meet with students as needed beyond the required minutes.  As we continue to move through the school year, Sandburg and district staff will determine if it is possible to provide in-person instruction time.