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A message from the Superintendent Updated FAQ 10/28/2020



To Our D75 and D120 Families:

It is my hope that you and your families are doing well coping with the circumstances we are all living through. Earlier today, the Governor announced that Region 9, which includes Lake and McHenry counties, is currently in mitigation due to an increased spread of the Coronoavirus Virus which poses increased risks for contracting the illness. Please visit this website for complete information:

 We must continue to be careful during this time of uncertainty and be sure to continue to observe the three W’s which include:

  • Wear a mask
  • Watch your distance
  • Wash your hands

As you know, we were making progress toward beginning a hybrid model to bring back groups of students for on campus learning. The current situation has caused us to put those plans temporarily on hold. We know that this will cause some disappointment for those families who were looking forward to having their children back in school. Please remember that this is a temporary setback and we are hopeful that we will still be able to begin our move to hybrid learning soon. Our staffs will continue delivery of our remote learning until then.

As a reminder, D75 and D120 will not have classes on Tuesday, Nov. 3. It is a holiday for the election.

In addition, D75 has no school for students on Thursday, Oct. 29, Friday, Oct. 30 and Monday, Nov. 2. (Oct. 29 and Nov. 2 are teacher work days).

Thank you for your support and we will continue to keep you informed.



Kevin Myers, PhD




Para nuestro personal y familias de D75 y D120:


Espero que usted y su familia estén haciendo frente a las circunstancias que todos estamos atravesando. Hoy temprano, el gobernador anunció que la Región 9, que incluye los condados de Lake y McHenry, se encuentra actualmente en mitigación debido a una mayor propagación del virus Coronoavirus, que presenta mayores riesgos de contraer la enfermedad. Visite este sitio web para obtener información completa:


 Debemos continuar siendo cuidadosos durante este tiempo de incertidumbre y asegurarnos de seguir observando las tres preguntas que incluyen:


  • Usar una máscara


  • Cuide su distancia


  • Lávese las manos


Como ya saben, estábamos avanzando hacia el inicio de un modelo híbrido para traer grupos de estudiantes para el aprendizaje en el campus. La situación actual nos ha llevado a suspender temporalmente esos planes. Sabemos que esto causará cierta decepción para aquellas familias que esperaban que sus hijos regresaran a la escuela. Recuerde que se trata de un revés temporal y tenemos la esperanza de que pronto podamos comenzar nuestro cambio hacia el aprendizaje híbrido. Nuestro personal continuará brindando nuestro aprendizaje remoto hasta entonces.


Como recordatorio, D75 y D120 no tendrán clases el martes 3 de noviembre. Es feriado para las elecciones.


Además, el D75 no tiene clases para los estudiantes el jueves 29 de octubre, viernes 30 de octubre y lunes 2 de noviembre (el 29 de octubre y el 2 de noviembre son días de trabajo para maestros).


Gracias por su apoyo y continuaremos manteniéndolos informados.






Dr. Kevin Myers






Transportation times will be increased by temperature checks too. How will that impact start time across learning models?


Students will not have their temperature taken prior to boarding school busses. Currently, we are considering having staff temperature checks at each building. Parents are expected to certify that their child does not have a temperature prior to boarding the bus or arriving at school if they do not take the bus. Details are still being finalized, and we will continue to provide updates.


Carl Sandburg Middle School


Was there any discussion of just having the LA/SS block and Math in person for the groups in the morning and the other subjects remote in the afternoon, more similar to Washington and MG.


Yes, the staff did discuss this and the internal period schedule may change for students. Currently, the staff is requesting to see each student each day. Times to accomplish may adjust, but days of attendance and Alpha order for families will remain similar so that families can plan.


It was just addressed that some kids returning to a hybrid schedule may not be comfortable with in person band. Would that child then have to drop band for another special class or what would their options be? 


No, the band department will continue to work with students in a remote setting if the child is uncomfortable coming in to play in person. When the student has band and is at school an alternative space will be provided for the students to complete an independent study time, like a study hall. The band department is working through this scenario.


My middle school students were not happy to hear that their day will start at 7:40 instead of 8:40 when we switch to hybrid. Have we thought about asking the students for their input?


The Building Leadership Team has discussed asking students for input. Sandburg will return to an earlier start time to accommodate transportation schedules and financial budget limits. 




For Washington I see that the PM says 1-3pm, but the person presenting said 1-3:30. Can you clarify the timing?


The academic learning time will be until 3 pm. Specials teachers will be pushing out additional activities that will be from 3 to 3:30 pm.


For Washington, where do specials fit in for TWI?


In the hybrid model, specials will follow the remote schedule in the morning. They will also be pushed out for students to do additional activities from 1 to 1:30 pm daily.


So for kindergarten their teachers will change from what they have now, correct?


In order to provide remote and in-person classrooms, some students will be assigned a different teacher for the four mornings. Students will be with their current homeroom on Wednesdays and every afternoon.




Will TWI students see both their English and Spanish teacher each time they attend in person?


Yes. Half of the hybrid morning will be instruction in Spanish and English.




What if they have symptoms, go get a Covid test and it comes back negative. They still have to quarantine 10 days?


It depends. If they get the Covid test too soon, approximately 4 or less days since the exposure, the test could come back negative but they could later be positive. If they get a Covid test, it is negative, and a medical provider either clears them to return or offers an alternative diagnosis they would be able to return before the 10-day quarantine.

Who is going to make sure that the kids who need to quarantine are actually at home for those 14 days and not out and about at parks and such with their friends?


The District cannot monitor or control the actions of those students.


Students who show symptoms will not be required to have a covid test just quarantine for 10 days?


Correct. Per the Illinois Department of Public Health Guidelines, an individual with COVID-like symptoms must self isolate for ten days after symptom onset and be able to return if no fever for 24 hours and symptom improvement.


What if parents do not have a thermometer at home? Will the kids get their temps taken when they walk into the building?


We are looking to provide thermometers to families in need that qualify.  The buildings are exploring a temp check station (upon arrival) in addition to the blue card system. 




When and where will the weekly updates be posted? MHS said the same, and it has been 2 weeks since that meeting and nothing is updated on the website (at least not as of this morning).


Families will receive communication on how to access updates once it becomes available. 


Will you be using region 9 metrics or just Lake County? McHenry county has a much higher rate and is looped in with our region.


We are using and following the guidance provided by Lake County and the Lake County Health Department.


Are we saying we will not be following the recommendation if the health department says to go remote? If our individual zip code is lower?


The Lake County Health Department provided guidance to switch to remote instruction, however, allowed school districts to have local control. District 75 will be going fully remote on October 26.


If we are going to listen to the Health Department for cautiousness and keeping us at home, why wouldn’t we listen to them when they recommend we go back in person? 


The Board of Education agreed to follow the data matrix shown on the last slide of the presentation. This matrix will determine the phase of instruction.


In-Person instruction


What items will students be required to bring to and from school each day?


What students bring to school will vary by grade level. At the K-2 building, we are asking students to bring their backpacks and folder. We want to limit the number of items coming back and forth. 


At Mechanics Grove, students will bring their backpack, notebooks and Chromebooks. We will have writing utensils and other materials that will stay at school.


The speaker said teachers will be walking around the room, but again Shane said that teachers should avoid this to limit the spread of COVID. Can you please clarify?


While teachers and paraprofessionals are encouraged not to walk around the room as they would normally, there are certain elements of instruction like you mentioned that do require closer monitoring. Teachers will use their judgment to determine when such activities are necessary.


How are teachers going to monitor student handwriting or real time completion of math problems when Shane recommended they do not circulate the classroom to avoid spreading covid?


While teachers and paraprofessionals are encouraged not to walk around the room as they would normally, there are certain elements of instruction like you mentioned that do require closer monitoring. Teachers will use their judgment to determine when such activities are necessary.


How can the park district Elearning hub have lunch as well as the day camps?


District 75 has determined there is not a safe way to offer lunch while in a hybrid instruction model due to children needing to remove masks to eat while maintaining safety precautions.

Hybrid Learning 

Will the teachers change for the students? 


Teachers may change during the times when students are in-person. This includes students that choose 100% remote instruction. However, students at K-5 will have the same homeroom teacher from the start of the school in the afternoon each day and on Wednesdays. 


How are they doing one on one and small groups if they have to social distance and cannot mobilize?


For the most part, small group instruction will be during the remote portion of the hybrid day. Teachers are encouraged to minimize close contact with students. 


What is the fully remote schedule now? Seems extremely disruptive for two half days in person. With kids wearing masks, you won’t have more nonverbal info available. 


The full remote schedule currently is from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm for all students. When we move to Hybrid, MG and CSMS will begin their day (both 100% Remote and Hybrid students) at 7:45 am.


If you choose hybrid and decide that it is not working for your student can you switch to remote?


Yes. You can move from Hybrid to Remote easily. However, it will not be possible to move from Remote to Hybrid due to social distancing constraints. 


Why would you cancel or reschedule planning days even if hybrid instruction is delayed?  Parents have planned for these schedule changes. 


We will have a remote planning day on November 2. No students will be present that day. Future remote planning days will occur closer to the time of return to in-person instruction. 


If all teachers are required to be onsite- will remote learners have masked teachers leading them? That will produce a greater challenge


Teachers do not need to be masked when in their classroom by themselves.


So, students will only see each teacher in person ONCE per week? Is the risk associated with returning to hybrid worth the reward of class in person once/week?


The goal of the District is to bring back students and staff to an in-person learning model. This is the first step in the process under the current conditions.  


When dividing students, will children from the same family that have different last names be able to attend the same days as their siblings even if they don't fall in the same half of the alphabet?


We are going to work to the best of our abilities to make sure that all students from the same family attend on the same days.



Is there room in the budget to hire extra paraprofessionals to support our teachers?


The District will allocate (or reallocate) resources within the budget based upon the necessary staffing structure, systems, and supplies the Superintendent recommends and the Board deems necessary to best support our teachers during this time.


To Our District 75 Families:

Last night, WGN 9 broadcasted inaccurate information regarding the District's upcoming plan for the 2020-21 school year. Although the board approved the hybrid learning plan. District 75 will continue fully remote until circumstances change.

At this time, the data and the Lake County Health Department (LCHD) recommendations are guiding us to move into an Adaptive Pause and pivot to full remote learning. Please note that District 75 is returning to the same remote instruction we have been in since August until the spread is contained. It is very important for all of us to maintain vigilance during this time and follow the 3W’s: Wear a mask, Watch your distance, Wash your hands. Also, it is imperative for everyone to follow the strict guidelines to help prevent further spread of COVID-19.

While our goal at District 75 has always been to have in-person learning at our schools, we must also make decisions that ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community.

As a result, Staff will not be required to return to the building on November 2, and students will not be returning on November 9. Friday, October 23, is the last day for special ed populations and special small groupings that have been in a hybrid model.

Staff will continue to deliver instruction as they currently are. However, focused student groups, study groups or any other in-person instruction will be discontinued starting Monday, October 26.

The District will no longer use Remote Planning Days. The following dates are regular school days for both students and teachers:

  •        October 26
  •        November 2
  •        November 4

Our committee’s decisions have been and will continue to be, data-dependent. The district is using guidelines established by the Lake County Health Department and our district will pull data from the Lake County website, with a focus on the 60060 zip code. The metrics used by our district will be made available on the district website.  

We cannot predict the exact trend of the local community spread of COVID 19, nor will we try. Our decision-making is based on the best scientific data that we have available. For logistical reasons, we can provide 7-day notice for staff and 14 days for students, before we move to the next phase.

We will continue to keep you updated as we move through this process.

Thank you, 

Metrics Committee Members


Familias del Distrito 75:

Anoche, WGN 9 transmitió información inexacta sobre el próximo plan del Distrito para el año escolar 2020-21. Aunque la junta aprobó el plan de aprendizaje híbrido. El Distrito 75 seguirá siendo completamente remoto hasta que cambien las circunstancias.

En este momento, los datos y las recomendaciones del Departamento de Salud del Condado de Lake (LCHD, por sus siglas en inglés) nos están guiando para pasar a una Pausa Adaptativa y pasar al aprendizaje remoto completo. Tenga en cuenta que el Distrito 75 está volviendo a la misma instrucción remota en la que hemos estado desde agosto hasta que se contenga la propagación. Es muy importante para todos nosotros mantenernos alerta durante este tiempo y seguir las 3 reglas de higiene: Use una tapabocas, Cuide su distancia, Lávese las manos. Además, es imperativo que todos sigan las pautas estrictas para ayudar a prevenir una mayor propagación del COVID-19.

Si bien nuestra meta en el Distrito 75 siempre ha sido tener un aprendizaje en persona en nuestras escuelas, también debemos tomar decisiones que garanticen la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes, personal y comunidad.

Como resultado, no se requerirá que el personal regrese al edificio el 2 de noviembre y los estudiantes no regresarán el 9 de noviembre. El viernes 23 de octubre es el último día para las clases de educación especial y los grupos pequeños que han estado en un modelo híbrido.

El personal continuará impartiendo instrucción como lo hace actualmente. Sin embargo, los grupos de estudiantes de educación especial, los grupos de estudio o cualquier otra instrucción en persona se suspenderán a partir del lunes 26 de octubre.

El Distrito ya no utilizará los Días de planificación remota. Las siguientes fechas son días escolares regulares tanto para estudiantes como para maestros:

  • 26 de octubre
  • 2 de noviembre
  • 4 de noviembre

Las decisiones de nuestro comité han dependido y seguirán siendo dependientes de los datos. El distrito está utilizando las pautas establecidas por el Departamento de Salud del Condado de Lake y nuestro distrito extraerá datos del sitio web del Condado de Lake, con un enfoque en el código postal 60060. Las métricas utilizadas por nuestro distrito estarán disponibles en el sitio web del distrito.

No podemos predecir la tendencia exacta de la propagación de COVID 19 en la comunidad local, ni lo intentaremos. Nuestra toma de decisiones se basa en los mejores datos científicos que tenemos disponibles. Por razones logísticas, podemos proporcionar un aviso de 7 días para el personal y 14 días para los estudiantes, antes de pasar a la siguiente fase.

Continuaremos manteniéndolo actualizado a medida que avancemos en este proceso.

Comité de Métricas


District 75 Families:

I want to keep you updated on the current situation as we prepare to move to a hybrid form of learning within the next couple weeks. The Lake County Health Department (LCHP) is reporting that trends of COVID-19 cases and of weekly positivity rates are unfortunately going up. If this continues during the coming week, it is highly likely that schools will be encouraged to either remain on remote learning or to go back to remote learning for some of our special education students who have been present in our schools for several weeks now. The next couple weeks will be critical and I will continue to keep you updated as things develop.



Kevin Myers, PhD
Districts 75/120



Familias del Distrito 75:

Quiero mantenerlos informados sobre la situación actual mientras nos preparamos para pasar a una forma híbrida de aprendizaje en las próximas dos semanas. El Departamento de Salud del Condado de Lake (LCHP) informa que, lamentablemente, las tendencias de los casos de COVID-19 y las tasas de positividad semanales están aumentando. Si esto continúa durante la próxima semana, es muy probable que se le aconseje a las escuelas a permanecer en el aprendizaje remoto o volver al aprendizaje remoto para algunos de nuestros estudiantes de educación especial que han estado presentes en nuestras escuelas durante varias semanas. Las próximas dos semanas serán críticas y continuaré manteniéndolos actualizados a medida que se desarrollen las cosas.


Kevin Myers, PhD
Distritos 75/120