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Washington Students with their 100 day crowns
8th grade girls basketball team group photo

8th Grade Girls Basketball with the "W"in

5th Grade students at their DARE gradution
Students performing Beauty and the Beast Jr
Cantu Family with Firetruck
Students playing instruments
Students in their Team Prochnow/Nagys shirts
Family sitting together at the Habits and Hot Cocoa event.
Kindergarten students with 100 day crowns
Students at MG with Tom Watson, author
Students working together in a group
Children learning with new chrome books.
Students perform in Beauty and the Beast Jr
CSMS Pom Pon Team poses with Poms
Students with Instruments before concert

Farewell to Retirees

District 75 bids farewell to six retiring teachers, who collectively have taught 117 years in the Mundelein schools. Three custodians who have collectively served the district for 65 years will retire alongside them.

The following teachers will retire at the close of the current school year: CSMS Teacher Patrick Hernandez, 26 years; Washington Teacher Nancy Filippo, 26 years; Washington Teacher Liz Henning, 21 years; CSMS Teacher Liz Jorgensen, 18 years; Mechanics Grove Teacher Sharon Pritikin, 15 years; Mechanics Grove Teacher Diane Eller, 11 years.

Patrick Hernandez is a 26-year veteran teacher at Carl Sandburg Middle School. Mr. Hernandez’ dedication and hard work produced an integrated language arts/social studies program unique to CSMS. Mr. Hernandez is best known for inspiring thousands of students to become runners for Carl Sandburg’s cross country and track teams. His students won countless trophies during his years of coaching.  

Nancy Filippo has been teaching kindergartners how to read, write, and to do basic math in District 75 since 1991. She has also taught Washington students how to play together nicely, take turns, share, use their words, and laugh everyday. Over her 26 years in District 75, parents and students have reached out to Mrs. Filippo to let her know that she has made a lasting impact on their lives.

Liz Henning has taught first grade in District 75 for 21 years. She has been critical to the educational foundation of thousands of children. Mrs. Henning's students and families at Washington characterize her as patient and nurturing. She has enjoyed every minute of her time teaching her young learners. Mrs. Henning knows firsthand that "kids say the darndest things”.

Liz Jorgenson has worked hard to implement the myriad of changes in education and special education during her 18 years in District 75. Most recently as CSMS, she has never lost sight of advocating for students, caring for students, and helping each child reach his or her potential.

Sharon Pritikin has been instrumental in many of the units and activities that happen in third grade during her 15 years teaching in District 75. She cares deeply for her Mechanics Grove students and their families.

Diane Eller has been a compassionate teacher during her 11 years in District 75. Most recently at Mechanics Grove she has been a fifth grade team leader. She first began teaching 33 years ago and has taught in classrooms from first grade to sixth grade.

Other retires the district is saying farewell to are custodians David Widing, Mechanics Grove, who has worked in the district 29 years; Dennis Dowell, CSMS, who has worked in the district 27 years; and Jose Treto, Lincoln, who has worked in the district nine years. The front office staff said goodbye earlier this year to Accounts Payable Clerk Micki Yoder after 19 years in the district.