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The three teams, comprised of the three grade levels at MG, each received their own collection bucket, and throughout the two weeks, students gathered coins and dollar bills to add to their own and their competitors’ buckets.  Why add money to an opposing team’s bucket?  Because while pennies secure positive points for one’s own team, other coins and dollar bills count as negative points to slow another team’s progress!  The three teams synergized and thought strategically about where to place their money in order to climb their way to the top and ensure a victory.  In reality, a win-win victory was inevitable: students received the joy of giving back to their community, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation received the funds to make another wish come true!

The competition kick-off came in the form of an assembly organized by principal Tanya Fergus and Student Lighthouse Council leaders Kacie Albrecht and Sandy Schrank.  A Make-A-Wish representative painted a clear picture of the foundation’s vision, while Jack Czapla, leukemia survivor and current 7th grade student at Carl Sandburg Middle School, and Brent Fergus, cancer survivor and Make-A-Wish beneficiary, shared about the gracious support they received from the Make-A-Wish foundation.  The students at MG were inspired, and the following day, the “war” commenced.  At the end of each day, teachers teamed up to count the amount of money in each grade level’s bucket to share the most current total with students, who used this information to formulate the best strategy.  The amount of MG students who participated was overwhelming, and all were excited to work as a team and give generously to a worthy cause.  The third grade team ended the “war” with the highest sum, but more importantly the students of Mechanics Grove raised a total of $2298!  Because of their dedication, compassion, and kind hearts, yet another wish will be granted.