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 A special section of time was carved into a busy day at MG on April 9th to help students learn more about this important period in world history.  As the son of MG Math Resource Teacher, Noreen Wach, hosting the Airborne Company Infantryman re-enactor was an opportunity to tap into a readily available resource and add authenticity to a period of history so long removed for current fifth grade students.  Mr. Wach gave fascinating details to enhance his slideshow presentation which featured topics like: the War in the Pacific, the European Theater of Operations, and the vehicles, weapons, and gear used in combat at that time. His presentation highlighted important dates, specific events, and critical battles that the students are currently studying.  Eager and highly engaged students were also able try on different types of war reproduction items such as helmets, U. S. Marine packs, medic kits and more. Having a great uncle who served in Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge in the Second World War piqued Wach’s interest in this topic. This then led to his dedication as a member of the re-enactment group and to his desire to help bring history lessons to young learners.  He says, “It is humbling to understand just what the men and women who served in this war went through.” Plus, he was glad to see the “enthusiasm and excitement of the young fifth grade students as they interacted with him about his favorite history subject.”