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Carl Sandburg Middle School
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Soccer Game
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On Glow Day, students completed addition problems and recorded their answers in highlighter, which glowed brightly in the blacklight.  They viewed a video on the growth mindset and how neurons “light up” the brain when encountering a new challenge, and they made a list (also in glowing highlighter, of course) of ways to help their neurons glow.  Later that afternoon, students participated in a writer’s workshop by the glow of a flashlight and strengthened their reading stamina by reading in the dark with finger flashlights. Students read silently and independently for 20 minutes, an accomplishment they had not yet been able to achieve before Glow Day!

Bischoff hosted Glow Day on September 21, 2018, as part of the “Rock Your School” initiative.  “Rock Your School” is a worldwide initiative sponsored by the “Get Your Teach On!” student engagement conference, started by elementary educators Hope King and Deanna Jump.  “Their primary focus is putting teachers into the role of the student to experience these engagement strategies at their two-day workshops,” Bischoff explains. “After the national conference this summer, they shared the Rock Your School initiative - the idea that teachers try something new in their classrooms on this day.  That being said, I decided that I wanted to try a room transformation! And that is where Glow Day came from!”