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Two-Way Immersion (English-Spanish) Program
This program began with four classes of kindergartners in 2016-2017 and will move up each year until it reaches eighth grade in 2024-2025. At Mundelein High School students in District 75's Two-Way Immersion will almost certainly qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy.  
In each two-way immersion class, native English-speakers and native Spanish-speakers join for instruction in one language in the morning and the other language in the afternoon. By being immersed in each language for half the day from kindergarten through fifth grade, the students will learn to listen, speak, read, and write a second language. Beginning in middle school students in this program will have at least two periods of instruction in Spanish and the rest in English. 
A multitude of research studies on similar programs show that students who learn two languages at once lag a bit on English reading achievement testing in the primary grades, but usually outperform their mono-lingual peers on English reading achievement beginning in the intermediate grades. These students then retain this academic advantage throughout their school years. 
Transitional Bilingual Education Programs
Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) programs are required when more than 20 students of the same language group are at an attendance center. All District 75 schools offer full-time and part-time TBE programs for Spanish-speaking students.

Full-Time TBE Program
Full-time TBE students may receive instruction in Spanish for literacy and content areas to the extent necessary.
  • Kindergarten through second grade full-time students are placed in classrooms that gradually introduce more English instruction in these areas as the year progresses and as they are developmentally ready.
  • Full-time intermediate students in third through fifth grade may be placed in transitional English Language Learner (ELL) classrooms.
  • Full-time students in sixth through eighth grade may be placed in content area classes with supplemental instruction in Spanish.
Primary and elementary full-time TBE students are also integrated with English partner classes, such as music, physical education, and/or other classroom activities as deemed appropriate. All TBE students at the middle school level are integrated with their English-speaking peers for specials.

Part-Time TBE Program
Part-time TBE students are placed in mainstream classrooms and receive supplemental English literacy and content area English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction with native language support as necessary. They receive a minimum of 225 minutes per week of support (150 minutes per week for kindergarten students) from an ELL teacher. This support is provided either through a pull-out or push-in model.

Transitional Program of Instruction
Transitional Programs of Instruction (TPI) are offered in District 75 for students of other language groups if there are less than 20 students of the same language group at an attendance center. Students in the elementary buildings who qualify for this program receive a minimum of 225 minutes per week (150 minutes per week for kindergarten students) of content-based ESL instruction from an ELL teacher. This support may be provided through a pull-out or push-in model.