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Bilingual Parent Advisory Council (BPAC)

Information and Dates of the Bilingual/ ELL Parent Advisory Group

District 75 has established a Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC). The purpose of this state required committee is to help facilitate communication between the bilingual parents and the district and to provide opportunities to discuss/provide input on the ELL program. This district-wide committee is comprised of parents whose children are enrolled in the ELL program, ELL teachers, Parent Coordinators from each school and the ELL Program Administrator.
The Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee meetings are scheduled four times during the year and take place prior to the Parent Education Programs from 6:15-7:00 pm. The group creates specific goals each year based on results of the annual ELL Parent Survey and identified parent needs, discusses ELL programs by building, reviews ELL assessments, suggests additional topics for upcoming parent education programs and reviews the district’s annual TBE/TPI application.

District 75 also offers 4 bilingual parent education programs that present information from the NAES (Navigating the American Education System) Hispanic parent involvement and training program. These programs take place from 7:00 - 8:15 p.m. Child care is also available.